– must be over 18 years of age on the day of the competition
– must be finalists on one of the affiliated competitions in 2017
– must have minimal knowledge about the mountainous area
– must be able to complete a mountain track safely, using a GPS device, compass, map, and must able to understand the information provided along the track
– are obliged to offer first aid to other participants if needed
– must bring in an ID with a photo (ID card, passport, driving licence)
– must undergo the mandatory kit check. At this stage, they will receive maps and competition numbers, after having signed the statement of participation
– must follow the traffic rules, as well as the public and traffic conduct since some parts of the track cross areas that are not closed to flow of traffic
– must not disturb in any form the other participants or the volunteers, through physical or verbal aggression
– must have adequate footwear for completing a difficult mountain track (which consists of ravines, mountain belts and caves, interacting with metal cables and chains)
– must have the mandatory kit at all times. This will include: long-sleeved shirt, hooded rain coat, rain trousers, cap, gloves, GPS device (participants are required to make proof that they can access the map from the GPS device), whistle, headlamp (with spare batteries), survival foil, fully charged mobile phone, water recipient, food for emergency situations (250g), backpack with a minimum capacity of 11, first aid kit (elastic bandages, sterile bandages, adhesive bandages, safety pins), the track map
– maximum number of participants: 50


Eco Friendly:

– we respect the mountain. Littering or unauthorized disposal of rubbish is not permitted. At the rest areas, participants must have their own recipients and cups. Plastic disposable cups ARE NOT given to participants.
Any wrapping or litter thrown or abandoned on the track will be penalized with disqualification.



– the mandatory kit is recommended to be supplemented with any other piece of equipment necessary for a safe completion of the track
– participants are required to wear the competition number on the front of the shirt throughout the entire track, as to be visible at any moment to the organizers or to the volunteers
– participants are to ensure they are registered at the checkpoints
– participants must not use any means of transport throughout the competition
– participants are required to take part in the technical meeting
– participants must undergo all checkpoints, in the order marked by the organizers and not to take any shortcut (there will be other checkpoints, other than the official ones)
– participants must not dispose of litter on the track (only at the checkpoints), otherwise risking disqualification
– participants must assist any person in difficulty (runner, volunteer etc.) until the arrival of the rescuers
– in case of ABANDOMENT, it is recommended that participants reach the next checkpoint. After this, the checkpoints and the food supplies will no longer be available
– START: 22nd of September, at 06:00. Time limit: 48 hours (split times are to be announced until the 5th of September 2017)
– organizers will make available files with a GPX and/or KMZ extension until 15th of September
– organizers can change the track before and during the competition, all participants being informed of potential alterations
– organizers can bring modifications to the standard procedures until the date of the competition
– organizers can postpone the date and/or hour of START on justified grounds, all participants being informed beforehand


Participations fees:

– the participation fee is 349 RON, which needs to be paid until 31st of August. Between 1st of September – 15th of September, the participation fee will be 399 RON
– online registrations will no longer be available from 15th of September
– registrations CAN NOT be made on the day of the competition. Participations fees CAN NOT be paid on site
– reimbursement to the participation fee will be made in 30 days from the end of the competition, provided that it is demanded until 5th of September 2017. The reimbursement will be made possible with an administrative retention tax of 50 RON
– after 5th of September, the reimbursement can no longer be demanded. It can be transferred to another participant or it can be carried over to the next year competition, as long as a request will be made until the 15th of September
– in the case of opted-out participants, the fee can be transferred to the next year competition. It is necessary that a request is made until 15th of September 2017
– the participation fee can be transferred to another participant by filling out a written request until 15th of September 2017
– the participation fee includes: technical t-shirt, the map and the track file, whistle, competition number, package transport to the 3 checkpoints, transport for the participants to the START area on 21st of September, food products, rehydration products in every checkpoint, finisher medal and diploma



– organizers recommend having an insurance policy for any sort of accident that may take place during the competition. Organizers are not involved in such insurances and are not responsible for any risk of harm and/or death by natural causes for this type of competition
– these risks may include and are not limited to: motor accidents; accidents caused by/on crags, people, trees, other objects; free-falls; slippages; injuries caused by heat or cold, feelings of sickness caused by hypothermia, heat exhaustion, dehydration, fear of heights, complications caused by prolonged physical effort, injuries caused by slippage off the rocks, hailstone, avalanches, floods, storms, lightnings, animals, reptiles, insects, forest fires, drowning etc.



– START (Arieseni township) – Patrahaiesti village – Curcubata Mare mountaintop (1849 m) – Pasul Vartop – Groapa Ruginoasa – Padis – Vladeasa mountaintop (1836 m) – Rachitele – Belis – Marisel – Maguri Racatau – Muntele Mare Peak (1826 m) – FINISH (Muntele Baisorii resort)
– participants can send a package (of maximum 1.5 kg) from START to the checkpoints at Padis, Rachitele, Maguri Racatau. Transport to the checkpoints is not provided, only transport to the FINISH point
– the track is considered a difficult one, with a great level of physical effort. It involves crossing ravines, rivers, caves, metal chains and cables. The track also requires crossing roads open to the flow of traffic
– the track may entail a high risk of injury and/or death by natural causes. The participants must be aware and assume responsibility of those risks
– organizers recommend/forbid usage of certain shortcuts, on grounds of ensuring safety of participants (avoiding risks of accidents in the area because of steepening terrain), but also on grounds of sports ethics. Any deviation from the organizers’ decisions can be penalized with disqualification



– every participant can opt for a pacer on the last portion of the track: Maguri Racatau – Muntele Mare Peak (1826 m) – FINISH (Muntele Baisorii resort)
– the pacer is not allowed to aid in any form (carrying equipment, food or water supplies) the runner
– the pacer is not allowed to tow the runner, using rope or any other means
– failure to conform to the rules is penalized by disqualification
– the pacer is required to provide medical first aid in case of accident, until the arrival of the medical team



– in case of participation without registration at the checkpoints, in the order indicated by the organizers
– when the participant receives aid with carrying the equipment, clothes or food (other than the one provided by the organizing team)
– when the participant is being towed, using a rope or other means
– in case of littering and illegal disposal of waste along the track
– when the participant is accompanied by any person other than the pacer along the track. The segment assigned to the pacer is ONLY the last portion on the track. There can only be one pacer
– when taking unauthorized shortcuts
– when refusing to present the mandatory kit at the checkpoints
– when refusing to take into account the recommendations of the medical or organizing team
– if missing the headlight before leaving checkpoint Padis
– if missing the mobile phone or the GPS device
– in case of verbal aggression towards the volunteers and organizing team during the competition
– in case of abandoning an injured participant
– in case of refusal to provide first aid to an injured participant
– lacking certain pieces of mandatory equipment – 30-minute penalty